Using a franchise structure to scale affordable housing internationally

Julie Anne McBride, Eric Oetjen, September 2021

Capital investment as high as US$16 tn is required to address the shortage of adequate and affordable housing worldwide. Market-driven housing approaches that produce quality units, reduce dwelling costs, and provide access to a range of capital sources can help to solve this challenge. This article describes the experience of a social enterprise in Mexico that is taking its proven, market-driven housing solution to countries in Africa using a joint venture franchising company to execute a master franchising strategy. Its experience and the innovative approach it used to scale internationally offer useful insights and lessons for housing practitioners, policymakers, and researchers.

Scaling Social Enterprises Internationally: Leverage Franchising to Address Key Challenges

Franchising offers an exceptionally promising model for scaling social enterprises to benefit underserved or under-resourced communities across the globe. Leaders of these enterprises face important challenges when scaling their work to new countries. Download this whitepaper to learn more about how franchising can help social enterprises overcome common challenges of scaling internationally and read about lessons from a leading affordable housing enterprise.

Using a franchise structure to scale affordable housing internationally, Journal of Enterprise Development and Microfinance

The World Bank estimates that more than 1.2 billion people live in substandard housing globally and projects this number will increase substantially by 2030. One of the key hurdles facing the housing sector is finding viable, market-driven housing solutions that efficiently provide suitable housing and better leverage private capital. This article describes how ECHALE, a Mexican social enterprise, has chosen franchising to expand its affordable housing solution internationally, the benefits of the model, and its experience to date.

The Promise of Social Sector Franchising

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Attachment – Kidogo Case Study 2020

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Franchising Basics

Designing Business Models for the Poor

June 2011. Jason Fairbourne discusses the process of developing scalable microfranchises for third-world economies.

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Growth Financing For Social Franchising

April 13, 2022 RIFC | IFA Virtual Conference on Social Franchising (see video on page)

Scaling Social Enterprises Through Franchise Models: Rethinking Social Franchise Agreements

Oct 13, 2021 RIFC | IFA Virtual Conference on Social Franchising (see video on page)

Realizing The Promise Of Social Franchising

March 24, 2021 UNH / IFA Virtual Conference on Social Franchising
Peter T. Paul College of Business at the University of New Hampshire
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