Our Services


We offer training programs, self evaluation tools, and advice for business owners interested in franchising. Our consultants have experience in commercial and social franchising in multiple industries and countries and are equipped to navigate the challenges of franchising, particularly of social- and micro-enterprises, in emerging markets. Below is an overview of some of our offerings. You can learn more by emailing us at info@stagesix.com.

Advisory Services

We are a team of highly accomplished, multifaceted franchise experts.

Our experience designing, building, operating, and expanding franchises in multiple industries, sectors, and countries uniquely positions us to help enterprises in emerging markets use franchising to acheive their growth objectives.


Healthcare – Water – Sanitation – Education – Affordable Housing – Clean Energy


Social – Commercial

Emerging Markets

Africa – Asia – Latin America

We work with the full spectrum of enterprises, from sustainable enterprises that have yet to franchise, to enterprises that are seeking to franchise nationally and internationally.  The below chart identifies profiles of businesses interested in franchising at all stages of growth.  Click on the profile that best aligns with your company to learn more about the services we offer that can help you achieve your franchising goals. 

What stage is your business?


An entrepreneur who wants to design a franchiseable business from the beginning

A business owner with a franchiseable business who wants to evaluate their readiness to franchise

A business owner who has made the decision to franchise and wants help designing a commercially viable franchise system

A new franchise owner who wants:
– help launching, operating, evaluating, and refining the system before expanding
– help with developing the national expansion strategy

A national franchise owner who wants help:
– evaluating system performance and/or strengthening the system
– assessing their readiness for international expansion, conducting new market entry studies, developing international expansion strategy and tactics, and sourcing international franchise partners
– operationalizing their international strategy

An international franchise owner who wants help with evaluating and strengthening system performance, developing master franchising strategies and tactics, sourcing international franchise partners
– A national or international franchise owner who wants help with operationalizing their international strategy
– An international franchise owner who wants help with financing for franchisees.

Additional Services



This course course provides a comprehensive overview of how the franchise model works. Business owners interested in franchising should take this course before investing in developing a franchise system. It requires approximately 10 hours to complete and costs $695.



Stage Six offers a one-day workshop for enterprises interested in expanding through franchising. The workshop provides an overview of how the franchise model works and assists business owners with assessing whether the model is right for them and preparing a roadmap to building a successful franchise. The workshop is facilitated by experienced franchise professionals representing a range of industries and geographies in both the commercial and social sector.

Participants leave the workshop with answers to the questions:

  1. Is my business franchiseable?
  2. Am I ready to franchise my business?
  3. What do I need to do next?
  4. Who can help me do it?

If you are interested in hosting or sponsoring a bootcamp for a group of at least ten business owners interested in franchising, please send an email to info@stagesix.com.

If you are interested in signing up for a bootcamp, please send us an email and we will let you know when and where the next workshop will be held.