Kevin McKague

Associate Research Advisor

Kevin’s research focuses on scaling social impact in contexts of poverty, with a particular focus on social franchising. Kevin is an associate professor of entrepreneurship and strategy and Canada Research Chair in Social Enterprise and Inclusive Markets at Cape Breton University in Canada where he teaches in the MBA program on Community Economic Development. Kevin is also a Senior Fellow at the Center for Peace, Democracy and Development at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Kevin has worked in 14 African counties as well as Bangladesh and India. He has worked on major research projects with the MasterCard Foundation, the International Development Research Centre, the International Finance Corporation, UNDP’s Growing Inclusive Markets Initiative, the Canadian Institutes for Health Research and Global Affairs Canada. Kevin has studied social franchising in the health, agriculture, sanitation, education and water sectors in Africa and South Asia and is the author of a number of publications.

Kevin has an MBA and a PhD from the Schulich School of Business in Toronto. Kevin was a founding Board Member of the Foundation for Sustainable Enterprise and Development and has served on the Board of Governors for York University.

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