What we do

We believe in the unique power of social enterprise franchising to unleash the potential of local entrepreneurs to build vibrant economies and improve the standard of living for people in their communities.

Our mission is to accelerate sustainable development by identifying proven solutions to essential needs and applying the principles of franchising to scale their impact and create new jobs.

How we do it

Our international network of franchising experts work with entrepreneurs to design, finance, and execute a social franchise model for national and international growth.

The Stage Six team evaluates a social enterprise's readiness for expansion and compatibility with the franchise model. We advise on franchise system design and build operational capacity to effectively implement it.

Stage Six’s service packages are customized to address client needs and stage of development. We also connect our clients to potential sources of capital to support their expansion efforts.

Six Stages of Social Franchising®

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We use our Six Stages of Social Franchising® framework to help clients achieve their expansion goals sustainably.

Our Clients

Mercado Fresco
Right Light
Little Monsters
FHI 360 - The science of improving lives
Natural Extracts Industries
Access Afya
Sustainable Innovations

Our Funders

Our Strategic Alliances

Total Impact CapitalSocial Sector Task ForceMichigan Law - University of Michiganfranchise fundiUniversity of New Hampshire, Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics, Rosenberg International Franchise CenterStarbird Consulting
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