What we do

We believe in the unique power of the franchise model to scale successful social enterprises globally and unleash the massive potential of local entrepreneurs to build vibrant economies and improve the standard of living for people in their communities.

Our wide-ranging and geographically diverse client portfolio tackles essential needs, including health, nutrition, education, water, sanitation, housing, and clean energy. Because our clients use the franchise model to expand, they all create local business ownership opportunities and jobs.

How we do it

We find proven social enterprises with the desire to expand and help them evaluate whether franchising might be an appropriate model for them. If it is, we provide them with best in class technical assistance needed to build a successful franchise business.

We try to remove financial barriers to franchise development by offering our services at below market rates in exchange for a share of the client’s future success (e.g. royalty share or equity).

We also help our clients find financing for this critical stage of their business development. Stage Six clients receive ongoing customized technical assistance to help them advance through the six stages of growth outlined in the diagram below.

Six Stages of Social Franchising®

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We bring franchise-ready businesses into our portfolio and begin our work with them at stage three, developing the franchise system, and continue to support them as needed to execute their system locally, nationally, and eventually globally.

Our Clients

Mercado Fresco
Right Light
Little Monsters
FHI 360 - The science of improving lives
Natural Extracts Industries
Access Afya
Sustainable Innovations

Our Funders

Our Strategic Alliances

Total Impact CapitalSocial Sector Task ForceMichigan Law - University of Michiganfranchise fundiUniversity of New Hampshire, Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics, Rosenberg International Franchise CenterStarbird Consulting
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